The MoonLight Pagan Organization (TMPO) is an organization founded and created for the spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional development of the Pagan population. We want to built a community where the non-Pagan population treats us as equal and have the same rights and freedom they are enjoying.


Under TMPO are other sub-groups and smaller organizations built and developed to focus on the smaller goals and mission of the organization. Some of these are:

  • The MoonLight Pagan College (TMPC) – The school teaches both Pagan and Interfaith Studies. We also develop leaders such as, but not limited to, teachers, artists, writers, coven leaders, and smaller organization leaders.
  • The MoonLight Pagan Store (TMPS) – An online store where Pagans find their tools, arts and crafts, ingredients, books, and a whole lot more. Students, faculty members, and staff of the school and other groups under TMPO have discounts!!
  • The MoonLight Pagan Newsletter (TMPN) – A monthly newsletter on Pagan news, TMPO updates, fun sections, monthly horoscope, and a whole lot more!
  • The Circle of The Triple MoonLight Path (TCTTMP) – This is the circle of TMPO. It is composed of the Inner and Outer Circle. Dedicants and First to Third Degree Initiates from TPMC are a part f The Outer Circle.
  • The MoonLight Pagan Haven (TMPH) – This is where we train and develop future members of The Inner and Outer Circle of The Triple MoonLight Path for ministry and clergy works.
  • The MoonLight Pagan Training Camp (TMPTC) – Training camp for our leaders, teachers, student officials, organization officers, group leaders, and more.


  1. To develop spiritual awareness and spirituality to the community by founding and maintaining covens, circles, and groups under The MoonLight Pagan Circle and organizing open and closed spiritual activities like rituals, seminars, workshops, and classes.
  2. To develop environmental awareness to the community by organizing and hosting programs like workshops, seminars, and classes that will open the communities awareness on the environment like plant-a-tree, recycling programs, scrap-to-riches, green living, and more.
  3. To offer service to the community by engaging and developing community service activities and projects, providing public and private services like Coven Birthing, Dedication Ritual, Initiation Rituals, New Moon Esbat Rituals, Full Moon Esbat Rituals, Sabbat Rituals, Coven Parting, Wiccaning, Womanhood, Manhood, Handfasting, Handparting, Croning, Sagehood, Requiem, counseling, ministry works, outreach programs, and organizing and developing support groups for women abuse, child abuse, men abuse, discrimination, drug abuse, rape, divorce, marriage, youth, and more.
  4. To offer education to the community offering online courses as well as in person classes teaching eclectic and various Pagan and other religion practices, providing seminars and workshops both to public and to members, training and developing leaders and teachers, and organizing and joining conferences and various educational opportunities.
  5. To give support to Pagans all over the world by building funds to support covens, groups, circles, and small organizations under The MoonLight Pagan Circle, building and maintaining physical buildings of the organization at least one in all seven continents (e.g. Asia, North America, South America, Antartica, Australia, Europe, Africa), and offering training, seminars, conferences, workshops, and classes to sub-groups under The MoonLight Pagan Circle.
  6. To support, teach, and develop leaders by offering training, and developing members to become leaders and encouraging them to start and found own sub-groups under The MoonLight Pagan Circle.


The MoonLight Pagan Circle envisions Pagans all over the world given the same rights, freedoms, and acceptance other more mainstream religions are enjoying. We see the world understanding that Paganism is not a negative and evil religion, but rather a happy, life-affirming, respectful and nature-loving religion. It is our goal to bring Pagans to harmony with the Divine by assisting them in achieving spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental balance.

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